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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Do I Need for our Adventure? 
    4 Things are needed to begin our adventure:
    An ORV (Off-Road Vehicle), DOT/SNELL-Approved Helmet (for each rider), Valid Hatfield McCoy Trails Trail Pass*,
    and a Camera (or smartphone with a camera)! 
    (-It's always a good idea to bring snacks, water, and basic outdoor necessities too!)    [*=Trail Passes only required for adventures that take place on the Hatfield McCoy Trail Systems]

  • What type/kind of camera do I need? (For Photography-Based Adventures)
    ANY camera is useful! From an iPhone/Smartphone all the way up to a Professional Grade camera, no specific gear is required. It is suggested though that you have basic knowledge of how your camera functions!

    Wes can provide advice or recommended settings at the unique locations you'll visit! 

  • How does weather affect our adventure
    Weather can provide you with incredible scenes for both enjoying the natural beauty of the area and shooting photography. Passing storms and precipitation often lead to dramatic lighting conditions. If a forecast indicates less than favorable conditions, we will be in contact with you to postpone or cancel the trip. Our adventures are offered year-round. Because the trails never close, neither do we! 


  • What difficulty level of trails will we be riding? 
    For photography adventures, all trips operate on either Easy (Green) or Medium Difficulty (Blue) trails. Unless specifically requested by the attending party, we do not travel Hard (Black) trails as winching/advanced off-road skills may be required.


  • Where does our adventure begin at? 
    Typically, our adventures depart from the Williamson Area, however, arrangements can be made for us to meet you at the lodging location you're staying at. Additionally, if you'd rather meet out on a specific location "on the trails", that can be arranged as well!


  • I need an ORV (Off-Road Vehicle), Where can I rent one? 
    The Williamson area offers 2 Rental Options and the Gilbert Area has 1, They Are:


  • ​I don't want to drive an ORV (Off-Road Vehicle), Can you drive me?
    *Coming Soon*: For folks that just want to take in the scenery and/or shoot photos, we'll have a 
    3-Passenger ORV that we'll gladly transport you in. There are additional charges for this service 
    but is one of the best ways to see the sights and not have to worry if you're an inexperienced ORV operator. 


  • Where should we stay? 
    Williamson and the surrounding area has plenty of lodging options! Visit the Tug Valley Area CVB's 
    website at the link here for a full list of hotels, cabins, lodges and more: 

  • When do your adventures take place?

       Each journey is tailored to fit the needs of your trip to the area. Because of this, we don't have a set schedule of tour departures.
       Additionally, worth noting, all adventures are offered year-round. Each season offers unique riding conditions. 


  • Do you offer custom adventures/guide services? 

      Absolutely! If you're looking for something unique or to a destination we don't have listed, reach out to us directly via our Contact form

  • Will we be able to get food/snacks or gas during our adventure? 

      Yes! Typically, each adventure has at-least one food/gas stop during its duration. Often times, we will try our best to have the tour at or near a        food-related destination near lunchtime or dinner time if the tour time-frame aligns with either meal time. Meals are not included in the ticket            pricing. 

  • Do you have a recommendation for parts/supplies? 

      Yes! W.E.S. works closely with Tyler and his team at Buffalo Mountain Powersports in Delbarton, West Virginia.
      They offer a wide selection of parts, repair services, and stand ready to help any of our guide participants. 

      Click their logo to "Follow" BMPS on Facebook! 

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