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Recommendations Before
Your Adventure!

  • Prior to Departing from your home, verify your machine is in full operational condition. Be sure to check your belt, A-Arms, etc. 
    (It really puts a damper on the day if we get 20 Minutes into a ride and have a break-down). In the event a break-down occurs, we work with 
    two local companies who offer trail recovery services. We will share the location to them of the break-down and they will arrange a recovery. 

  • If your adventure includes trails on the Hatfield McCoy Trail System, be sure to possess a valid HMT Permit. Annual permits can be purchased at local lodging establishments, gas stations/convenience stores, or online at this link. Additionally, DOT Approved helmets are required for anyone riding on the Hatfield McCoy Trail Systems

  • Prior to the beginning of your tour, have all machines gassed up. If you have an early morning departure, we recommend fueling up the night before. 

  • Charge any items with batteries: Cell Phones, Radios, Lights, etc. 

  • Depending upon the season, dress appropriately. A jacket of some kind is a good idea from Mid-Fall til Mid-Spring.

      (Year-round, open toe shoes are NOT recommended.)

  • More Suggestions To Come!

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